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Arnold Johnsen for Town Board

Arnie Johnsen’s resume reads like a blueprint for a lifetime dedicated to the service of others.  He has been a resident of the Hudson Valley for more than 40 years and his grandchildren are products of the Rhinebeck Central Schools.  
Arnie served in the US Coast Guard and is a proud member of the Rhinebeck American Legion Post. 

A 42-year veteran of Law Enforcement, he served 21 years with the NY State Police - mostly in Columbia and Dutchess Counties - including assignments in the Rhinebeck Barracks. 

After that, he began a 21-year career with the US Department of Transportation (DOT) - Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration, serving as an enforcement manager for a Region that covered New York, New England, Puerto Rico and the US Virgin Islands.  During his time at DOT, he also worked as a troubleshooter,  handling hot-button issues throughout the agency.  His assignments required partnering with various government agencies and industry representatives across the United States, Mexico, and Canada.  He was responsible for monitoring and assisting various states in obtaining Federal grants, and was also appointed to the Governor Evan Bayh Task Force on Commercial Driving to help prepare illiterate drivers for commercial driving license certification in Indiana.  

Arnie’s volunteer activities span Educational, Social, Community, Charitable and Physically Challenged endeavors:

- He has served on the Germantown Central School - Budget Committee in an appointed position to assist in development of the school budget and district priorities.

- He serves on a board-appointed organizational committee at Ski for Light International, working on the development, planning and budgeting of cross country skiing events for visually and mobility challenged people.        

- He served as the Events Chairperson of Vinland National Center and was appointed to lead fundraising  activities and event logistics for centers dedicated to train visually and mobility challenged people to run sports  events throughout the nation.

- He serves on the Board of Directors for Phase 2 of the Gardens at Rhinebeck Community.

- For several years, he has been a tireless volunteer at the Brookmeade Community, and as a result of his unflinching efforts, Brookmeade has asked him to serve on their Board of Directors.

- He is a volunteer for The Shriners, and helps in transporting children to Shriner's hospitals across the country.

Arnie’s professional and volunteer service has given him invaluable life experience that enable him to work effectively with people of differing perspectives and points of view.  He has a strong work ethic combined with the skills to communicate grand concepts and technical regulatory minutia through formal presentations to hundreds of people as well as one on one interactions. He is dedicated to serving the Rhinebeck community, and is well-suited for a position on the Town Board.