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Call to Volunteer


The Rhinebeck Republican Committee (RRC) is dedicated to informing voters of issues that are important to our community and to promoting candidates that will work for good government. The Town of Rhinebeck is divided into five election districts.  (For a map of the Town Election Districts, click HERE.  To find your polling place, click HERE.)  Two cover the Village and three cover the rest of the Town. There are two classes of committee members. Each district has three elected county committee members who represent the district to the Dutchess County Republican Committee.  The County Committee members circulate candidate petitions within their districts. There are also town members at large who are involved in all aspects of the committee but have no standing on the county committee. Ideally, committee members understand the pulse of the community. They know what the issues are and evaluate the viability of alternatives for resolving the issues.

District Representatives:  

District 1: Erich Blohm - Marie Farrell - Frank Intervallo (Chair)


District 2: Dov Frankel (Secretary) - Derrick Sinon - Howie Traudt

District 3: Arnold Johnsen - Barbara Jornov - Herman Tietjen

District 4: Jim Coughlan (Treasurer) - Tracy Krawitt - Deborah Maresca

District 5: Deborah Hudock - Richard Murray (Vice-Chair) - Kim Williams